Saturday, 19 October 2013

Silver Nemesis

Anton Differing.
Bleh. What total and utter bleh. I don’t know what to say, but this story is rubbish. The Cybermen are rubbish. Cricket glove hands and a fallibility not just to gold but to gold coins. Nazis? Totally superfluous to the plot, indulgent crap by writer Kevin Clarke who thankfully never wrote for Doctor Who again. Not his fault though that this story has a nearly identical plot with a carbon copy resolution to ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’. Andrew Cartmel, why did you let this through?

'Excellent'? No. Not even a little.

Fiona Walker as Peinforte.
This sudden mysteriousness of the Doctor is offset by the fact that McCoy is not very mysterious. I liked Lady Peinforte – beautifully cast, Fiona Walker was perfect. Anton Differing as De Flores, the Nazi, is hilarious as he doesn’t seem to know what his lines mean, let alone what the story is about. In fact the casting is great, but it doesn’t get them out because the script is utter shite and the story looks very very cheap. It’s supposed to be the 25th anniversary special for Pete’s sake! Not even the brilliance of the Dolores Gray cameo can save this.
It’s just a run around for three
The Nemesis statue.
episodes, with a lot of setups for jokes and amusing situations which would work in a sketch comedy show, but there’s no substance to this at all. Everyone wants the nemesis statue and they round around fields for three episodes trying to get it and then it destroys the Cyber-fleet. This Doctor likes destroying things it seems.
Delores Gray.
Nice shots of Ace up on the gantries in the factory shooting Cybermen with coins. Pity the idea Cybermen could be so easily killed in bollocks. I mean the whole thing features some great locations, but there is no substance to the story at ALL. Terence Dudley’s scripts have more to them. ‘Delta and the Bannerman’ had more to it. Pft.


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