Monday, 11 February 2013

The Daleks

Well, now we are talking. This Doctor chap, Ian, Susan and Barbara make their way to a distant planet called Skaro and face these creatures called Daleks. They meet a race of people called the Thals. Much more interesting than running away from cavemen for three episodes!
Strange, I have never heard of these 'Daleks' before. They are like the Ingrins, which I fight on a regular basis, with more bumps and things that stick out. The first part was very atmospheric indeed. I like how they take basically the whole first episode to explore their surroundings and find out about what's going on.
Crikey! It's the bloody Daleks!

The Doctor seems to be a man of tricks, fancy getting them into trouble with the fluid link because he wanted to explore the city! Then the Dalek plunger arrives. Poor Barbara. Did I mention the actress that plays her is rather brilliant?
Radiation poisoning? You have to be careful of that when travelling the cosmos. I have only a type 15 TARDIS but I always make sure the radiation dial is working properly.
The story is long. Wow - seven parts! But only about episode five did it start to drag a bit, nicely resolved but the scene when the Daleks are defeated was strangely lacking in sound. I guess that's 1963-64 production values. Some interesting lessons with the Thals and the guy who appears to be a coward, but sacrifices his life to save Ian's. They were in those tunnels/caves forever. Do they visit caves in every adventure? I'm beginning to wonder!

Lovely work from the cast. Susan got a little bit sad and weepy at times, and screamy at others. I'm sure that will change as I said last time. The Doctor was a shifty old soul too. Shouldn't your hero be lovable? Someone they can all look up to? He did a good job when he went back to the city to disable the cameras of the Daleks though. Ian was again the real hero, leading from the front. Maybe he will get his own spinoff series??? He has a wonderful scene when he goes inside a Dalek, very interesting. I don't think I could successfully hide inside an Ingrin, hats off to you Chesterton!

The guest cast was strong. Of note was the girl, Dyoni, played by Viginia Wetherall. She appears in A Clockwork Orange, sans clothes! A far cry from Doctor Who! Alan Wheatley as Temousos was the perfect Thal leader. Strong and resolute, and blond of course!
This was a very interesting story. I'm glad of that because after the cavemen running about thingo, I wasn't sure whether to progress. Even at seven episodes it dragged less than the first one. I can look forward to 'The Edge of Destruction' with far more confidence.

Dyoni, played by Virginia Wetherall. With clothes.

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