Friday, 15 February 2013

The Edge of Destruction

Hello what do we have here? A good look at the Doctor's TARDIS.

Well, I was quite jealous, it looks pretty spiffing although who knows how accurate the 1960s BBC design department were. I'm not sure about the photocopied walls but I liked the beds and that handy food dispenser. Oh have we seen that before? Well yes but nevertheless. I expect to see that fault locator featuring prominently all through the 70000 episodes I am yet to see.

As for the story, it was quite strange wasn't it? Everyone goes weird. Susan grabs some scissors and attacks her bed. Good thing it was down feathers. But true to form she is soon whining screaming and crying again in episode two. It seems that does not get toned down. But hey, only at story three, right?

Watching the episodes you get drawn into what is happening and why, espeically episode one, the Doctor and friends are all acting so weird! Is it a new style of theatre? I'm unclear if the TARDIS made them act that way or... it was a strange directorial choice by Mr Martin.
I once had an untelevised adventure when I never left the TARDIS, and my TARDIS was invaded by the Perfect Humanoids. A very advanced and obviously evil race. I wonder if they will visit this Doctor in a future adventure? I wait to find out.

The TARDIS makes clocks go funny and watches too? All trying to the Doctor that... THAT.... drum roll.....

A switch was stuck. Yes, quite anticlimactic. I can compare these episodes to an episode of the Goodies I watched on my time-space visualiser the other day when the Goodies were encased in concrete. But that was only 30 minutes and two episodes was a little of a stretch for me. I bet the Doctor doesn't have one of those time-space visualisers!

That William Hartnell had some good moments in this one. And others where ummmm.... it appeared he forgot his lines! And the 'fast return' switch was nicely labelled in texta for him. I should think of labelling my controls now that I think about it. I always open the doors mid flight when I meant to adjust the helmic regulator instead....

To summarise... it probably needs a better ending to pay off all the tension and stress built through the two episodes.

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