Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Keys of Marinus

My journey into the worlds of this strange Time Lord who isn't me but has a similar name continued with this six part story called 'The Keys of Marinus'. Six seemed a nicer number than seven = not so long!
The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and screaming Susan arrive on the world of Marinus, escape a lot of deep-sea divers who seem to be hostile for some reason and and very quickly sent on a quest to find keys to this machine by some old guy who's contract didn't seem to stretch past the first episode.

It was a funny story, credited to this 'Terry Nation' chap who wrote that encounter with the Daleks, and I started to wonder if the TV series was actually nothing more than fiction. Interestingly enough this story hopped from place to place, rarely spending much more than an episode anywhere.
I could tell it really was a TV series because the sets seemed to lack a certain something.... money, I think that was what was lacking!
Brains in cases, no walls to be seen. = Money saver!

Soon they pick up a couple of others looking for the keys when they land in a world ruled by talking brains in glass casings. That set lacked... walls. An interesting twist on reality when they have their minds effected and everything seems perfect when in fact it's the opposite. My favourite episode of the pipece I think was this episode two, although it lacked background music. And walls at times.

Then we are in the screaming jungle. The Doctor disappears for two episodes, and we have an episode entirely set around a lot of vines and another overacting old fella. This is left to Ian and Barbara to solve, meaning Susan gets to shriek a bit but then moves on for half the episode which is nice. But it's rather dull and nothing much happens.

Episode four puts us into a land of snow, ice and general freezingness. And a yucky man - not so old but not so young - who takes a fancy to Barbara in a scene I felt very uncomfortable watching. I heard somewhere this was supposed to be a kids show. Who are they kidding? (boom boom!)

Ice and snow are very hard to do convincingly on a budget, but hell they did them anyways. Badly. And then Ian is suddenly accused of murder!

Episode Five and they are all reunited with the Doctor, who has the job of defending Ian for killing a guard and stealing the final key of Marinus in the city of Mellenius or something. This episode and the last feature judges in wonderful hats, and poses the question - how would justive work if people were presumed guilty before being proved innocent? Something in that for everyone I thinks!
Interesting telephones and a jealous and evil wife are not enough to stop the Doctor and co, and episode six sees them return to where they started.

However, now the diving instructors, called Voords, have control of the machine. Ian is a smart cookie and switches a fake key for the real last key though. The Doctor and Co. escape just as the machine blows up, killing the Voords. And I ask, Ian is the hero? So what do they need a Time Lord for?

It's an okay story with good and bad points. Can't wait to see what they get up to next!
The Professor, signing off with a 5/10.

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